CropX Sensor Technical Specifications

CropX Sensor Technical Specifications

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    • CropX Sensor Specifications

      Battery Cap Screws are a T10 Charge Battery with a phone charger and Micro USB cable (one is provided with each sensor) 2 modem types Verizon and global (AT&T) 2 configurations 18″ (2 sensor) and 36″ (3 Sensor) Antenna Length 3 meters
    • CropX Sensor Extractions

      First, navigate to the sensor. Use the Flags to mark the row placed at installation as the primary way to navigate to sensors. Use the GPS navigation feature in the CropX app as a backup way to find the sensor. Extract Sensor Use the Installation Rod ...
    • Charging the CropX Sensor

      Legacy CropX Sensor • Gently remove the 5 screws on top of sensor. • Remove the charging socket cover. • Connect the USB cable to the USB cable port (cable provided) and connect to any USB power adapter. • Allow the sensor to fully charge for at ...
    • Deactivating a Sensor

      Deactivating a Sensor on CropX WebApp 1: Open the field where the sensor you would like to deactivate is installed. 2: on the left hand menu, please select “Field Settings” 3: Under field settings, select “Sensors” 4: Select the option to “Deactivate ...
    • CropX Install Videos

      Installing a CropX Sensor into the Soil CropX Install Video (Pre-2023 CropX Sensors) CropX Install Video (New for 2023 CropX Sensor) Installing CropX Sensor into the app