Sensor Stopped Transmitting

Sensor Stopped Transmitting

Please use the following steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Utilize the BLE Scanner on the CropX App to confirm that the sensor is active and receiving power.  The BLE Scanner can be found under "More" on the App.
  2. Confirm that the antenna isn't damaged and has been raised.
  3. Loosen and re-tighten antenna cable threaded connections: Watch this video 
  4. Download data with your mobile device via Bluetooth if applicable
  5. Run the diagnostic and Wait for the TRANSMISSION CONFIRMATION MESSAGE to determine if the sensor is working. Running diagnostics performs a connectivity check with our cloud system.   This video will guide you. 
  6. The “Diagnostic screen” will immediately check the Battery and Measurements
  7. Wait for the TRANSMISSION CONFIRMATION push notification (up to 5-6 minutes
  8. Example of transmission confirmation:
                Screenshot 2023-06-23 152841
       9. If you receive a transmission failure notification, perform a diagnostic again.
     10.  If you did not receive a notification or received a transmission failure notification more than once,
           then run a network setup. This allows the user to select the carrier the sensor is connected

     11.  Your phone will connect to the sensor as it checks the modem and searches for networks. A list of

            available networks will be displayed. Please select an available network and hit “submit”

    12.  The sensor will connect to the selected sensor.

    13.  If the sensor still isn’t transmitting, replace the sensor or call support to ensure your sensor is

           working before you leave the field.

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