Sentek Installation Checklist

Sentek Installation Checklist

To see a complete list open the installation prep modules on the Training site.

Install Equipment Checklist

____ Charged Drill Batteries

____ 20V Drill

____ Install Kit

____ Auger Bit

____ Sockets for Install Kit Anchors

____ Knife/Scissors

____ Water Bottle Spray

____ T-Post or other object for mounting telemetry box

____ Post Driver

____ Probe

____ Telemetry Unit 

____ Zip Ties

____ Pliers/Socket Set

____ Wire Strippers

____ Phillips Screwdriver (not needed for new telemetry)

____ Marker Flags

____ Whip Flag

____ Reflective Tape

____ Antennae Extender (if applicable)
____ Digital Volt meter (not needed for new telemetry)

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